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Citizen Genealogist

A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with my brother. He was telling me about how he was helping record data for online experiments and he referred to himself as a “citizen scientist.” Maybe it’s just how he talks, but I laughed out loud and then mercilessly made fun of him to no end. I was going to make him a t-shirt that said “citizen scientist” and I wasn’t going to let it die. This was funny stuff!

Tonight, with my first free night in quite a while, I’m spending these fresh, new hours by indexing the 1940 Census via Family Search…and it occurred to me, who’s the dork now? Not very different from what my brother is doing; he’s charting stars, I’m charting people. Citizen Genealogist.

Nope, citizen scientist is funnier.


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US Census Atlas

The US Census Bureau released the Census Atlas as a PDF (book will cost you $165). It’s a fascinating look at all Census data from the past century. Of particular interest is the Ancestry chapter, showing the changes in ancestry percentages (and possibly perceptions?) from the 1800’s to 2000. The map of Philadelphia ancestry is interesting, as the Pennsylvania map shows up as a solid orange block (mostly German ancestry) but when you zoom in to Philadelphia proper, the mix becomes more Irish/Italian/German and African American.

What I’m interested in doing now is comparing the addresses in my Google Residence Map to the maps in this study. I’m guessing I’ll find that my family members lived where most of the other Germans in the city were residing and where now mostly African American families are living.

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